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Heehs' book is completely inconsequential but it has become a potent symbol only because it reflects the ideological split

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Robert E. Wilkinson said...
It is so interesting to watch all the impassioned rhetoric around Peter Heehs’ book. It has evidently become a cause célèbre pitting one group of believers against another. As Tusar puts it, “…division between the two camps has hardened and no one seems to be left now who can claim to have an independent or dispassionate view.”
This is a predictable effect of the Religious consciousness that has overtaken Sri Aurobindo’s yoga. When mental Belief is substituted for Yogic Knowledge there can be no true objectivity, only irresolvable conflict. What you end up with is a “Sunni and Shia” split of the Integral yoga community, each clinging to its fundamentalist ideology and totally missing the point.
From a clearer perspective Heehs’ book is completely inconsequential but it has become a potent symbol only because it reflects the ideological split in the community of devotees. You have both sides arrogantly debating meaningless peripheral issues because they have failed to grasp the essential truths of Sri Aurobindo’s epochal work.
Tusar suggests that his camp shore up their level of scholarship as well as articulateness in making their case. Of course he knows in his heart that scholarship and articulation are poor substitutes for Supramental knowledge. His description of Ned as a “Daniel come to judgment” because of her naïve support of Relativism in a yoga based upon Absolutes is a clear indication of this kind of limited understanding.
If he truly wishes to address the underlying problem that resolves this issue as well as numerous others, he must give up his reliance on scholarship and follow the Vedic Way as prescribed by Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Thea (Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet). As he will discover, the realization of these eternal Vedic truths requires far more than just a scholarly, intellectual knowledge…
“The perfect truth of the Veda, where it is now hidden, can only be recovered by the same means by which it was originally possessed. Revelation and experience are the doors of the Spirit. It cannot be attained either by logical reasoning or by scholastic investigation… [Sanskrit text]… ‘Not by explanation of texts nor by much learning’, ‘not by logic is this realisation attainable.’ Logical reasoning and scholastic research can only be aids useful for confirming to the intellect what has already been acquired by revelation and spiritual experience. This limitation, this necessity are the inexorable results of the very nature of Veda.” Sri AurobindoThe Life Divine
In the service of Truth, Robert Wilkinson
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