Saturday, November 15, 2008

Future noons are not going to come through this kind of weak posturing and blindness and hypocrisy and this ingratitude

From: alok pandey Sent: Sunday, November 02, 2008 11:03 PM Subject: Re: An eye opener

So, to love your Master who represents for you Truth and Light, to have gratitude for the one who sustains you inwardly and outwardly, to stand up for what is True and Beautiful and Right, surrender and devotion to God, to preserve the Sacred within the individual and the collective are all belonging to the past, whereas taking sides with the petty and the base in the name of neutrality, sympathising with the arrogant and the cheat, encouraging and even appreciating falsehood under the guise that they will change, harbouring and perpetuating all that is ugly and crude is the glorious way to the future!

For Peter represents a way of life and an attitude, and if the Ashram collectivity accepts that attitude under whatever justification, then where can one draw the line between what is and what should be. Is that the way that Sri Aurobindo and the Mother has shown us that we must criticise our Master, question his experience and even his sanity, analyse his appearances and talk about him in a tone of utter irreverence? Have They taught us to compromise with untruth within and without? Have they taught us duplicity and hypocrisy and all the rest?

The road that Peter has taken and those who are encouraging it is not one of the many paths towards the Divine but the straight road and even a short cut to the abyss, and the group that practices it as an accepted principle is hurtling towards its own self-destruction. For nothing is destroyed if the outer form is changed, it may even be an evolutionary change but if the soul and the spirit is denied then the form however viable it may look now will soon die out or worse still begin to serve a diabolic purpose. Sri Aurobindo is the soul of this place which is Their Home and love for them, surrender to Them is the very source of its life and inner sustenance. Those who cannot understand this much have absolutely no right to stay and live under its premises as parasites. It is not a question of adjusting and accomodating, that can be and must be done provided we do not shift the center or barter the very soul in the process. But adjustment does not mean accepting nonsense and allowing public nuisance and endorsing falsehood in the name of human sentiment or whatever else. If the basic center is right then the rest can be adjusted but if you try to shift the very center then everything gets defocussed and disintegrates.

Please do not misuse quotes to justify a stand in such a laborious way. It is better and more honest to say that I sympathise with X or like him for personal reasons than bring in the Mother and Sri Aurobindo to justify what in the nd is yet another personal opinion! Besides for every such quote and in fact for every mental opinion there is its opposite that is equally true. If you look through Thoughts and Aphorisms you will easily see this. For example there is this other quote as well which says something to this effect that, -

'He who will not slay when God bids him, works in the world an incalculable havoc'.

Also, - 'Respect human life as long as you can; but respect more the life of humanity'.

And again,

'Call not everything evil which men call evil but only that reject which God has rejected; call not everything good which men call good. but accept only what God has accepted.'

And finally Sri Aurobindo has also said that we must take care to preserve the spirit of the past or else there is no future.

All these things can be interpreted in several ways. We all know that and unfortunately do that. So let us not talk about that. Let us speak with utter honesty and without any duplicity what we inwardly feel and think and sense and be equally honest as to why we do and say that. Let us respect transparency and integrity and not indulge in double standards for one thing is certain that the future noons are not going to come through this kind of weak posturing and blindness and hypocrisy and this ingratitude that strikes at the very hand that feeds.

And why are we worries after all. If PH is honest and true and sincere, he will come out through all this, even greater and stronger supported by the inner Presence that never abandons anyone and carries each one across the journey thourgh life after life. May be this is a Grace for him if he knows how to take it. After all how do things change whether he is in the Archives or not and whether the book is made public or not. The yoga does not depend upon being in a certain geographical location when you have neither faith nor an inclination towards it, nor is yoga dependent upon the writing or not writing of a book. So what difference does it really make. And who is hating him. It is his work that people are concerned with and not him. That would be giving him too much of importance. It is not he but what he represents that is the problem and an action to remove him from the Archives is another symbolic gesture that we do not accept this or encourage this. Thats all. For the rest it is his life and his path whatever that be and is between him and the Divine.

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