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The Crucification of Sri Aurobindo by His Devotees

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There were 2 monks crossing a river. There was a beautiful woman in it too. Suddenly the boat started sinking. The older monk carried the beautiful woman out of the depths and rescued her. He left her safe on the banks. The two monks walked towards their destination. They walked and walked. The younger monk could not get over the incident. He kept cajoling the older one, How could you carry her? The older monk retorted - I left her in the banks far behind, but you carry her still. Such is the story of those who go and on taking names, criticizing, harping on the same theme - finally trying to prove to all how objective they are and how terrible are those who object to PH's book. I pray in the Buddhist strain - Fill me with a compassion, as boundless as the sky! Posted by S to Savitri Era at 5:36 PM, November 14, 2008

Re: Taking Stock Dave Mon 27 Oct 2008 11:23 PM PDT "Even before you wrote this, I anticipated a future book with a title like "The Crucification of Sri Aurobindo by His Devotees." (To avoid a misunderstanding: Peter in my opinion is not a devotee. And to avoid another misunderstanding: in my opinion a devotee is the last thing Sri Aurobindo ever wanted for his work.)".

I have to admit that I am awe-struck by the erudition and lofty spirituality expressed in the posts here!. I am shocked beyond belief. What happened to faith, surrender, aspiration and the gratitude and "all that we owe to thee"? These are the sine qua non according to SA. One has to infer then that those who aspire to such qualities are clearly not "devotees" because "a devotee is the last thing Sri Aurobindo ever wanted for his work.". This novel redefinition of a "devotee" and therefore logically of "devotion" as something that is devoid of faith, surrender, aspiration etc is surely mind boggling. I wonder what might you all say about the "devotion" and determination of the Baktas like Meera and in our times the intense "devotion" of many disciples to SA. Also, logically then all of SA's letters on Sadhana through Love and "Devotion" were just perpetuating a lie and making a fool of all the disciples.

What sort of insane idea of spirituality is this? And all the rest of the other (im)posters on this site? You (app)laud on the sidelines?! Have you actually read SA ? Hopefully you have not, because then this can be ignored and dismissed as the prating and lauding of ignoramuses. However if you have read SA, then it is more serious because it suggests the possiblity of something diabolical and sinister at work that is expressing itself through an intellectual arrogance and abysmal ignorance in these posts. Such a twisted idea of spirituality is hard to even imagine. It is bizzare. Moreover one has to read no more than a few posts here to see an overbearing pride and arrogance at work.

A few years ago upon my visit to Puducherry, I realized the truth that the simple peasant there is closer to God than you and I. It was truly a humbling experience. No care for personal comfort and leading simple lives. Here you are sitting and typing away in a nice cosy comfortable room casting aspersions on the "devoted". It is truly shameful and a disgrace. The continual slander of the ashram too is surprising. The ashram is in one way a cauldron of the forces that besiege humanity and there is a consciousness there working out the problems, and while it is in such process, for people to rail at its collective consciousness is to oppose the work of SA. Is the thread that connects you all to SA so tenuous that it is so easily cut asunder to mouth inneundo against his ashram?.

The controversy surrounding the book is an occasion for the ashram and the ashram trust to rise and live up to its responsibilities of protecting all that relates to SA. Surely violence is to be eschewed nor is it justifiable. But let us wait for the active consciousness to work it out. The hostile beings of yore operated in a human form but in this day and age they seem to work through imbecilities and arrogance as is seen in such posts.

Make no mistake that you are embarking on a perilous journey promoting such pernicious ideas of spirituality and thereby invoking divine retribution, although the retribution might not be required for most often such hostility to the divine and his "devotees" self-destructs by dissolution in its own acerbity. It would be well for the detractors in these posts to realize that although the "devoted" may seem ignorant to you but the consciousness that responds and works through their simple "devotion" is not ignorant and will not be deceived by your intellectual inanity. You might do well to stop making grandiloquent fools of yourselves and poisoning the minds of others. Dave.D

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  1. Very timely post, Dave.D. The person I remember when I read this post is Champaklal Ji - humble, lovely, innocent, simple embodiment of love and service. When he said that he wanted to wash Sri Aurobindo's Dhoties, (that was way back in the 1920s when he first entered the portals of the Ashram) Sri Aurobindo warned him that he would be laughed at. The last moments of Sri Aurobindo in His mortal frame bring tears to my eyes - He embraced this wonderful Champaklal and kissed him. Champaklal Ji never tolerated any insult or slander against the master. Wonder what the pseudo spirituo-intellectuals would have to say to that!!! Thank God, Champaklal ji is not there to suffer the barbs of the self appointed critics of the Ashram, devotees and those who in their own way serve the cause of the Mother and the Master.He also serves who stands and waits!