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Bijan Ghosh again writes to Manoj Das Gupta

Mr. Manoj Das Gupta 07 November 2008
Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust
Pondicherry 6050 002

Respected Manojda,
Don’t’ mind Manojda , you told a blatant lie to the world through Pranabda , it was a lie within your knowledge and made deliberately – to palliate the situation in and out ashram, the only aim being , as has been maintained all along , to protect Peter Heehs.

In your letter dtd. 05.10.08 to Pranabda , you wrote inter alia, as follows :

3. Legal aspects are being looked into as to whether the Indian publication may be at least modified if not stalled, PH, on his own has assured me that he shall try, within the limits and constraints as they exist, to modify where possible some of the passages. According to him, he didn’t imagine that the response to his work among a certain group of people would be so violent and expressed his regrets for being the “cause”.

But till date you or Ashram did not move to court. Once a Book is published , it can’t be stayed – you know it better than me .
And the Indian edition of the alleged book by PH was scheduled to be published on November , 2008 by Penguin , India. None would believe – if you say now, that such a decision has been taken by Penguin - after you wrote the letter on 05.10.08.

This shorts of Falsehood you all along harboured – calculatively and carefully – when the Critically Revised Edition of Savitri was being ready to be published by Ashram , made by this Peter Heehs – on your such false assurances since 1988, persistently, none went to court to prevent the publication of mutilated perverse edition of Savitri.

Like many other concerned persons – you personally assured me, on several occasions that no such Critical changes – which were first suggested in the ashram Journal, namely, Archives and Research - would ever be incorporated in Savitri , published by Ashram. You said that those are only academic , having no value other than for the pages of AR Journal. I could not doubt your intention – on your refusal (inspite of my repeated insistence) to initiate criminal proceedings against VAK and persons associated thereto for publishing pocket edition of Savitri in 1986, with 630 changes. You said that ashramites have to maintain ‘dignified silence’. I couldn’t then discover the true purport

And after publication of that posthumously revised edition of Savitri in 1993, when a nephew of Sri Aurobindo initiated a criminal proceeding against trustees and other persons including Peter Heehs & Richard Hartz – you escaped the Judgment of Truth through the court of law, by resorting to Falsehood alone in many ways – mainly by producing rejected and old manuscripts , which mostly of pre-1945 , some of them are even pre-1940 – taking the advantage of, that all the manuscripts of Savitri are undated. To detect this fact, a conscious eye having understanding of Savitri and the knowledge of composition of Savitri - is more than sufficient . Those were apparent on the face of record, evident from the text of manuscripts themselves – all are conclusive proof thereof

You committed fraud on the court to make an escape route. Had you had produced truthfully all the final manuscripts of Savitri, all of you would have been behind the bar by this time to serve the truth through the sentence.

I vouch in the name of Sri Aurobindo, if you produce all the final manuscripts of Savitri, and if I can not prove it that the critically revised edition of Savitri is not in terms of final manuscript – then I will serve a sentence . Can you accept this challenge, Manojda ?
Manojda, now the world would be easily convinced that there are obviously some very serious reasons, that you can not express – and for which reason you have not yet expelled PH from Ashram and withdraw the permission granted to PH by Ashram, qua the Ministry of Home Affairs , Foreign Registration Department, New Delhi, for his stay in India and making him blacklisted in India for any further entry – inspite of such many entries in the alleged Book by PH on Sri Aurobindo, utterance of any one of which lines for once in Ashram - is sufficient to expel an inmate, while those are written and published in book. ( a few of those lines of the book in verbatim are given below )

· Aurobindo's character, life, writings and thoughts did not hold integrity
· He ( Sri Aurobindo) possesses a morally loose character
· His claims to spiritual expression and realisation is questionable and irrelevant
· His ( Sri Aurobindo’s ) spirituality emerges from a streak of inherited madness
· Aurobindo's relationship with The Mother was ‘romantic in nature’

Those devotees & ashramites who moved the court of law to protect the Original Savitri, and the supporter-sympathiser, you people termed & branded them as anti-ashram. They have been humiliated, harassed and mentally tortured, even those are continuing till date. Just one representative example – Elia (mother of Sunil, PW-3 ) has not yet been allowed to take food from Ashram dinning like any other inmates ( while food in free there - including visitors – as shown / treated in the Income Tax exemption criteria ).

Manojda, I respectfully hold & I think that the world is with me that you are anti-ashram. The ashram has come to this shape for you who nourished and maintained “a drug addicted school dropout (later became) a taxi driver” – to make a claim by him of a founder of Sri Aurobindo Archives, to be the ‘author’ to make revision of Savitri posthumously and to write a biography of Sri Aurobindo .

Now you are giving an impression to us that PH has been expelled since he is no more looked around in the ashram. But fact remains, that you have not yet officially expelled PH , no notice has been issued to that effect , not published ashram Journals & magazines

By all probability, PH is staying in Pondicherry itself alongwith one of his Indian girl friends, who is also an ashramites, namely, Madhumita @ Minu Patnayak, who is the In-Charge of a boarding house of ashram (situated at 1st floor of Matri Saran) – since reportedly she is also not been looked around in the ashram.

As pointed out in newspaper reports that PH is one of the founders of Sri Aurobindo Archives and as has been wrote in the author’s bio data given in the book that PH is one of the editors of the editorial board for making revised edition of collected works of Sri Aurobindo – such a position will go in favour of PH and against ashram in upholding the order of interim stay against the publication of the Indian edition of the book, mind it.

The main architect of this Public Interest writ petition, which blessed us by an Order of Stay dtd. 05.11.08, is an ex-student of the ashram school, namely Mr. Jayanta Bhatacharya , while his wife Gitanjali Bhattacharya is the petitioner – who moved most timely in Orissa High Court. Thanks to the ex-student community living outside ashram, hope that they would be able to uphold of the dignity of Sri Aurobindo and His Ashram.

Thank you.
Yours truly,
( bijan ghosh )
enclo : true copies of some newspaper reports dtd. 06.11.08, qua this Stay Order.
cc : Pranab Kumar Bhattacharje

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