Monday, October 20, 2008

The primacy and paramountcy of the argument should never be sacrificed

Monday, December 18, 2006 Chase the ambrosia of Harmony

Politeness and political correctness are disparate dispositions that can be pursued independently. But if practiced in polemics, they are liable to undermine the cause of the issue advanced. The primacy and paramountcy of the argument, therefore, should never be sacrificed at the altar of such lesser virtues.

The Mother was around when two of us landed on the moon and Sri Aurobindo was with us when two atom bombs were first exploded. But they were never too excited or perturbed over the two most significant technological breakthroughs of that century, one dramatic and the other traumatic.

This insistence on the physical – the form and the formula – is a penchant of the western orientation. On the contrary, Sri Aurobindo even admonishes the Overmind for nothing short of the plenary Supramental would please him. The books of Satprem had forcefully advanced an impression that The Mother was engaged in somewhat alchemic activities with the cells of her body. The sensationalism floundered over time but not without corroding the credibility of her mission immensely. If our hi-fi R&D fails to zero in on any insightful answers against the hopes raised, it would be again disgraceful.

The Savitri Erans are the privileged few to have been granted the full liberty of wallowing hedonistically in the aesthetic yoga. To chase the ambrosia of Harmony through it is the task and not seeking the secret of glandular secretion of hormones. Posted by Tusar N Mohapatra at 9:25 AM 0 comments Links [4:51 PM 5:54 PM ]

Tuesday, December 12, 2006 Bechara Anderson

Years ago, Sri Aurobindo famously made pulp of one Archer and, of course, made him immortal in the process. Subsequently, many have succumbed to the Archery from seasoned hands of Kapali Sastry, Amal Kiran et al.

And poor Daniel Gustav Anderson, now. A scholar should be worth his salt, for the days are gone when people with Western names could get away with by writing any trash. Else, stay prepared to suffer Archery. Call it reverse colonialism or reverse racialism. Sumptuous entertainment for the Savitri Erans, in any case. Posted by Tusar N Mohapatra at 3:48 AM 0 comments Links

Tuesday, December 05, 2006 On to the last mile

Now that the exclusive-reign of the Ashram-generated media is a thing of the past, it is heartening to see the brave new world of imagination and interpretation as against the erstwhile disciplesque puritanism. For, the import of the words of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo must permeate every feasible crevice and cranny of the civilization and it is absurd to expect to see any noticeable impact of their vision without carrying them to the last mile.

While we celebrate this new found freedom on this sacred day, a prayer wells up out of a sense of trepidation not to get derailed from the perennial aspiration for purity, perfection and harmony. Posted by Tusar N Mohapatra at 3:29 PM 0 comments Links

Tuesday, December 26, 2006 Find answers to every question in the Savitri Era religion

In the teachings of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo one can find the answers to every question human beings ask. But for that one must be willing to come out of the geriatric mythologies and feel the warm embrace of the 20th century Savitri Era religion. Posted by Tusar N Mohapatra at 6:30 PM 0 comments Links

Tuesday, December 26, 2006 Savitri Era is the religion of the future world

The Mother came from the Judeo-Christian-Islamic roots and Sri Aurobindo harmonized the Hindu-Buddhist-Christian legacy. Between them, they integrate the entire gamut of religious and philosophical diversity. The Savitri Era religion, therefore, is the religion of the future world. By surrendering before the divine manifestation of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo we can help the evolution of the earth consciousness for establishment of human unity and fraternity. Posted by Tusar N Mohapatra at 5:14 PM 0 comments Links

Thursday, March 27, 2008 It is safer to read the original works of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo

To know about The Mother and Sri Aurobindo, many Westerners prefer to pick up books authored by Satprem, Peter Heehs, Georges Van Vrekhem, Joseph Vrinte, or Ken Wilber et al. But it is a flawed choice, as their works - in earnest tones - tend to prejudice the reader in a particular way. It is much safer, therefore, that one initially reads the originals, and then study other writers with a critical eye. [TNM] Posted by Tusar N Mohapatra at 1:47 PM [1:39 PM]

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