Thursday, October 30, 2008

None is his custodian, only Mother was - Let the 1972 published works be saved

from aju mukhopadhyay <> to "Tusar N. Mohapatra" <> date 29 October 2008 22:25 subject Re: [Tusar N Mohapatra] New comment on Symbiosis

Excuse me - they don't lead to anywhere- this prolixing- whatever is one's base, however objective be one's ideas, love and animosity are clearly understood- a hostile stand point is easily felt- when full-fleged review is published we will understand the thing- let all understand that even hagiographers have the strength to write the right things but, there is a big BUT! the publishers and Auroville Today have already given good publicity, if Penguin comes- it will be a bigger one- if not hagiography, it will be aggressive promotion drive, and the reviews there will be in favour- alas! people move by big publicity boom by big media-let there be a challenge- let Penguin and other publishers publish in big media the opposite views and let the world see the strength of them too!

This is a gamble- some one from outside writes about our freedom movement, someone from outside writes about our Sepoy Mutiny with the help of records from those he intends to focus and this book sells like hot cake! Are they readers who don't understand the inner motives?

Let me not linger more- for I wish not to go into it unnecessarily- even the men who are there to protect Sri Aurobindo's writings are regularly changing his materials, what of those from outside? None is his custodian, only Mother was- Let the 1972 published works be saved and propagated for people to know him- the evil may extend to Mother's works also- often we hear people say, Mother said this Mother said that - as if a personal gossip! Aju Mukhopadhyay

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