Monday, October 6, 2008

"Indians bashing" or the "Indian-attitude" bashing is all too common!

2 comments: Anonymous said... 11:59 PM, October 05, 2008

I have been reading with interest some of the posts on the controversy regarding Mr. P Heehs' Book. If you Sir claim to have the upper hand because you are rational and are in sympathy with the writer, the reader also expects you to be "fair". You have betrayed the shortcoming of your own attitude by terming "Ashram" as "provincial".

Are all Ashrams provincial? Are all persons in an/ the Ashram provincial. I wouldn't expect this in an intellectual conversation of the kind that you are all engaged in. Since you are all "rational", reasonable and project yourself as the more balanced you should exhibit some compassion. You could even be analytical and try to psychologically analyze why persons whom you condemn behave the way they seem to be behaving. Thats all - just a humble submission. Srinivasan Krishnan

CULTUREFLECTIONS said... 6:38 PM, October 06, 2008

Several modern Indians have to reconcile the so-called differences in approach and perspective between the West and the East. Though I was born and raised in the USA, I was also brought up to follow Vaishnava Customs. I am an outsider and have no contacts in the Ashram or in any net groups. I found in Sri Aurobindo the way to reconcile these differences. He helped me understand and even appreciate my own parents/ elders in their Bhakti/ Vaishnava approach. I in fact envy them for their unstinted faith in the way of Ramanuja. I find it a bit painful that a few persons get together and think they are better than the rest when actually they are the ones who have become "intolerant" and have become scornful of the Ashramites!

The Ashram is after all an approximation of the flaws of the individuals who live or work there. Why resort to don the superior attitude? I have for the first time entered any kind of discussion and all because "Indians bashing" or the "Indian-attitude" bashing is all too common! Let us all admit that the way of life followed by a large part of our populace has outlived several millenniums and I have often tried to find out how and why . . . Sri Aurobindo in a way represents this continuity in our civilization. He represents what was enduring in India and kept it going. Live and let live, I guess. S. Krishnan Post a Comment Links Are all Ashrams provincial?


Many of our misunderstandings are based on these cultural differences. To go beyond them we should rise to a higher level of consciousness, says the Mother, from where we could see things as they are, in a state of perfect disinterestedness. by Vladimir on Sun 05 Oct 2008 09:07 PM PDT Profile Permanent Link Re: Corrections to textual excerpts of The Lives of Sri Aurobindo by Peter Heehs 6:24 AM

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