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We can not seek to change the mind of Sri Mohapatra

Tusar Mohapatra on Aspiration Posted by Debabrata Ghosh on September 9, 2008 at 12:04 pm View Discussions

I was sad to read Sri Tusar Mohapatra's aspersion on Sri Chaki's ideas and norms for and behind creaing a community - Aspiration. You all know it and I think there is nothing wrong in Sri Chaki's idea. But Tusar Mohapatra's slant comment on the preamble of Aspiration shocked me. So I commented on it in Savitri Era. I'm posting here both what Sri Mohapatra wrote and my comment thereon for information of the members of Aspiration and their response...

Sunday, September 07, 2008 Chaki's Monkeys and Cows After long contemplation and due deliberation Barindranath Chaki has come out with his version of Three Monkeys. He proposes a hands off approach as to
Political parties
Religions, and
Ashram or Auroville
It will, however, be interesting to watch how far this Lakshman Rekha is not transgressed either in letter or in spirit, and who would decide where does a comment end and criticism begins. With Ashram and Auroville classified as new Sacred Cows, now every word would be under the scanner, and the hermeneutic exercise it engenders has the prospect of an exciting
slugfest. [TNM] 8:15 AM Permalink

Debabrata Ghosh said... Sri Chaki is the best judge as to how he wants to continue with the community he has created unless his writings and activities do not harm any other communities or persons. I think Sri Aurobindo has left many things behind him to think or ponder over than to see how Sri Chaki likes to lead his life and community with good wishes to all. Devabrata quoted only the writings of Sri Aurobindo in response to one's query on the problem of silencing one's mind.

Tusar Babu - is a follower of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and so he has a forum where different persons write on various aspects of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. It's a good thing and is a platform for those who are interested in the Master. Many outsiders are benefitted to know many things from his forum. I liked also to associate myself with this admirable works. But I left it because of Sri Mohapatra's association with a Tamil politician. It hurts me if anyone turns to be a die-hard enemy of Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Auroville. However I do not like to be drawn to discuss this matter.

What hurts me is Tusar Babu's remarks on Sri Chaki's community. This is not expected from a man who is doing 'Mother's work'. Please let us not put our step in muds. We all here in this world find it difficult to surmount our vices and difficulties for the Force and Light to act through us-through Tusar Babu, Barin Babu, Devabrata etc. Let us aspire and look for higher things. If Barin babu or Tusar babu is wrong in their thoughts - let the LIGHT be allowed to mend them. With my sincerest good wishes to Tusar Babu and all the members of the forum, Devabrata 11:46 AM, September 08, 2008

Replies to This Discussion Permalink Reply by Barindranath Chaki Hello Sri Devabrata Ghosh, I have gone through what Tusar Mohapatra has written and what Sri Ghosh has written in the discussion. First of all, I am thanking you for letting us know what Tusar has written and for praying before the Divine for mending my thoughts...

The Mother has told that the Their Yoga and Teaching is not a Religion and that religion is a thing of the Past. What right has anybody on earth there to name Their Teaching to be a new Religion, when They say that this is not a Religion? ...

Similarly, The Mother asked the Yogi to be away from politics. If one is mistaken if one says that Sri Aurobindo started his practical life in India with politics and he did politics along with Yoga and He did Yoga in the Jail, hence one should do politics with Yoga or politics as Yoga. Any Tom, Dick or Harry cannot be equal to Sri Aurobindo. Anybody cannot swallow poison and remain immortal like Shiva. Everybody cannot create a Gita while in the battlefield...

Mamata Dash has asked a deep question: Who knows? May be he or she has got some order, may be some thing in his or her being should be resolved, which he had not resolved in the past birth. who knows?

May be some follower of Sri Aurobindo may have received some order to bring a political change in India. For that one has to be a Fire, a Whirlwind, and not a mud-slinger. One has to take the people with oneself. If the Force is there, the people will automatically follow him and be with him. One need not start mud-slinging...

Indeed, I am in search one who has such a Force in him or her, behind and above him or her. Indeed, I am in search of some such persons who can rebuild the nation and the World.


If some persons have idea that by creating a new religion or by giving the name of a religion to the Teaching of Sri Aurobindo or by forming a political party in His name, and by criticizing the Ashram or Auroville, one is serving The Mother and Sri Aurobindo, then it is their belief and their way of living. I am least concerned about. I am not going to start campaign against them.

Only, one should be sure of oneself. One should ask: Am I really called by the Divine to this? Have I truly received Her Order for this? Am I really obeying the Divine Force, or acting for the Force of the Asura? Or even, am I opposing the Divine Force? ...

Aspiration aims at aspiring for the Divine, calling the Divine. It does not believe in mud-slinging, I say repeatedly. Some one may criticize, but I cannot stoop low and start criticizing him. One should not start finding loopholes in others’ constructions. And it is not mine alone, it belongs to a group who are its members — who aspire, truly. Barindranath Chaki 9-9-2008

Permalink Reply by Debabrata Ghosh

...the very basic attitude should be to be under true humility while commenting on others. I am sad that Sri Mohapatra thinks that others should accept what he thinks and believes. I fully agree with you and also want that a leader or a party endowed with shakti should evolve to change the face of this suffering nation and the world. But we should not think that we must try to create them. It's simply foolish.

I wonder why some people forget the words of the Mother while founding Auroville that it should not turn to be a religion in future. However - as we have not been given the power to clear off the evils from this world - so also we can not seek to change the mind of Sri Mohapatra. We have not been given sanction for it by the Divine. Till then we should pray and maintain goodwill. Devabrata

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