Thursday, September 18, 2008

The devotees of Ashram have the inborn right to know what happens in the management Thursday 18 September, 2008 Write to Nandhi Varman

[Tusar Mohapatra of Savitri Era Party had publicly acknowledged our efforts in generating awareness about the internal and external affairs of Aurobindo Ashram Trust. As Indian people have the right to information under the Act, the devotees of Ashram have the inborn right to know what happens in the management. It is essential that transparency is promoted in democracy.

In view of the praise showered on us that there are 2 Archives, one of the Ashram and other of ours, we have started to make public all relevent materials passed on to us by devotees, and had requested us to ensure proper democracy with accountability is established in the institution, which they hold in high esteem. The democrat in us made us share the Minutes of the Ashram. The beginning is made today ...... Nandhivarman, the atheist politician]

Meeting held on 10.08.98

Present: Trustees: Harikant-bhai, Manoj, Albert, Vedaprakash, Dilip Others: Dipak, Puru, Matriprasad Dilip informed the Trustees that Mr. Bijoy Mohanty, a well-known advocate has given an opinion regarding Trust matters. He also informed the Trustees that in due course he would communicate to the Trustees the contents of Mr. Bijoy Mohanty’s opinion. Matters relating to the administration of School for Perfect Eye Sight were discussed. Dilip stressed that we should appoint a qualified doctor to oversee the functioning of this department. It was decided that Dilip would explore the possibility of asking Dr. Pani to assume this responsibility. Dipak was asked to give his report on the state of affairs at Navajyoti...

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