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Why should Auroville Foundation and its numerous sub trusts maintain secrecy Sunday 3 August, 2008 Write to Nandhi Varman Forward this link SELFISH MEN IN CITY FOR SELFLESS

Source : [Extracts from Auroville Prosperity, Auroville 17th to 24th 1999] “Auroville is not meant for the satisfaction of desires but for the growth of true consciousness”

The Frenchwoman Mirra Alfassa, the Mother of Aurobindo Ashram had issued these guidelines in 16.6.68. Our Dutchman Honorable Carel Thieme in his reply accidentally points out that there exists 163 guest houses around Auroville and they cannot be responsible for anything that happens there.

Deccan Chronicle dated 3rd August 2008; Chennai edition in its front page report reveals that 1 in 5 girls may fall into flesh trade. “ A shocking UNICEF report has predicted that at prevailing rate of child trafficking in India, one in five female children could fall into prostitution by the year 2025 { Ironically the year of Auroville Master Plan completion} , it was announced. Prostitution is a billion dollar industry in the SAARC region. At conservative estimate about 200 girls and women enter prostitution daily, but this is only the tip of the iceberg” said a Report released at the Consultation on Methods to combat trafficking of children and women for commercial sexual exploitation in Tamilnadu organized jointly by Tamilnadu State Commission for Women and Tamilnadu State Judicial Academy.

So our Dutchman Carel Thieme would lean upon this report and say why single out Auroville, while the disease is wide spread in Tamilnadu. We are singling out because you belong to progressive superhuman community and all your 1619 residents must not be average human beings. They must be above all vices. They must be selfless and they must be seekers of spiritual goal. Hence within or in the 163 guest houses, if spiritual seekers drift towards animal pleasures, these residents with inner vision, must flush those evils out. In fact they must inculcate their super-mind in the Tamil villages and also elevate fellow Tamils to super-man status. This answers his query why Rachel Wright singles out Auroville, while child abuse is common all over the world and Tamilnadu.

Mr. Carel Thieme! Others are mere human beings, but you belong to the Superman category which has a super mind looking for the next evolution to happen. Hence from your tribe world expects miracles and not scandals. Your Mother also told “Unselfishness is the first need to participate in the creation of Auroville.”

Hence world expects these unselfish people will wound up their numerous trusts and sub trusts, and adopt simple living under one department called Auroville Foundation. “The fulfillment of one’s desires bars the way to the inner discovery, which can only be achieved in peace and transparency of perfect disinterestedness" said your mother on 13.6.70.

Comptroller and Auditor General of India audits the accounts of various government departments from Central to State Government including Union Territories and publishes them in web site. That is transparency. Why should Auroville Foundation and its numerous sub trusts maintain secrecy, and who prevents the transparency in publishing the Audit Reports in its web site. It is an Indian Government organization not a Dutch Government organization, hence instead of listening to the Dutchmen there this organization must obey to the public demand of Indian citizens, and make all audit reports accessible by web.

“Is it to satisfy little personal needs that you have come to Auroville? That was not really necessary. The ordinary world is there for that. One comes to Auroville to realize a divine life, which wants to manifest on Earth. Each one should make earnest effort in this direction and not remain hypnotized by the so called needs which are nothing but personal fancies. Look upward and forward; strive to surmount the animal human nature. Make the resolution and you will see that you are helped on the way" said your mother on 3.3.71.

“Auroville has been created for a progressive super humanity, not for an infra-humanity governed by its instincts and dominated by its desires. Those who belong to the infra-humanity, the animal humanity have no place here. Auroville is for those who aspire for the supra-mental and make an effort to reach there.” said your mother on 1.12.72

By this yardstick if you are admitting residents, who is the deciding authority? The Secretary? A Joint Secretary level I.A.S officer as Dutchman Carel Thieme proudly proclaimed in BBC? Is that Secretary empowered to admit residents or recommend for visa? The Resident Assembly of 1619 less 472 Indians, with a majority of foreigners, is to decide admitting residents, who belong to progressive super-humanity, under which scanner, these progressive super-humans are selected?

Without a criteria, or rule, a government organization cannot select citizens to its assembly, if Auroville is not a city state like the Roman city states, or if it is not Vatican, the resident status must be legally defined, procedures laid or if a scientific way to measure the spiritual level of consciousness through any scanner invented by researches in ashram or Auroville, for which Income Tax exemptions exists from the time Dr. Karan Singh was Union Minister, had been invented and copyrighted.

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