Thursday, August 14, 2008

To prove that Sri Aurobindo was just a commoner, not a yogi

from bijan ghosh <> to "Tusar N. Mohapatra" <> date 13 August 2008 20:33 subject tampering

I draw your attention to p. 648 of Mother India, August, 2008 issue, where you printed, "Sri Aurobindo began his practice of Yoga in 1905" - source thereof is mentioned at pg. 9 of the book, namely "AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL NOTES and Other Writings of Historical Interest", though at the beginning an impression has been given that the materials are available in the book written by Dilip Roy in "Among the Great", where Sri Aurobindo wrote on himself in third person.

While in a letter dtd. 13.09.1946, published in "On Himself", at pg. 67-68, which was further quoted by an authentic and trusted disciple - A.B. Purani, at pg. 114 of "The Life of Sri Aurobindo" - both these books are published by Ashram itself - where Sri Aurobindo wrote: "My Yoga began in 1904".

Why this discrepancy? What impression people would get? To say that Sri Aurobindo was inconsistent? To prove that Sri Aurobindo was just a commoner, not a yogi, who failed to memorise important dates of his life? To say that Sri Aurobindo himself failed to attach proper importance to his own Yoga, to remember even since when he started his Yoga, while he said it is unique in the spiritual journey of human consciousness?

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