Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sri Aurobindo Ashram ought to expel Peter Heehs

from bijan ghosh <> to
date 10 August 2008 08:39 subject Fwd: Run peter Run

I have seen your reactions and responses in net. Please do raise strong demand - to Trustees - and ask all others to raise the same demand - to ask Ashram to kick off peter - to expel from ashram for ever with a black stigma for disowning Sri Aurobindo, for degenerating Sri Aurobindo, for mutilating Sri Aurobindo, for hurting the inner spiritual sentiment of the devotees of Sri Aurobindo.

Let there be a demand from rest of the world. -- bijan ghosh 09958580664 09310953580 New Delhi


  1. It is wonder how he could express those nonsense in words.

  2. After seeing all these drama " Why Ashram Trustees are not taking any action??? This is quite difficult to undestand ..... Wake up please???

  3. Never knew what he did but always wondered how such a person should be working in a sacrosanct spot such as the ashram archives.