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Ashram is importing poor people from Orissa and keeps them as bonded labour Friday 1 August, 2008 Write to Nandhi Varman Forward this link
In the days of British colonialism, Indians led by Mahatma Gandhi dreamt that with India gaining independence there will be total prohibition. The Constitution of India could only make Total Prohibition as one of the directive principles, it could never be realized. If that being the case of a constitutional goal, it is reality to admit that the dream of the Mother of Aurobindo Ashram, Ms. Mirra Alfassa, to set up a city surrounding a pyramid like temple named after her, but not exactly like pyramid, but a globe like golden temple, is also an unrealizable and impractical goal.
The Auroville Prosperity [November 17th to 24th 1999 published from Auroville in its introduction says: “The early messages for Auroville given by the Mother may appear very general, so as to attract a large variety of people on the basis of goodwill and human unity. But as the abyss between vision and reality kept widening the messages became more and more sharp, till in the latest years the focus shifted overtly to the real purpose of Auroville, the cradle of superman, the advent of the supramental world and a society governed by it. This is Auroville and the consciousness to be achieved. For Auroville named after Aurobindo, is the avatar’s model town, the sought down ages city of God.
But the avatar cannot fulfill his message alone, a preliminary nucleus is needed. This was the function of the Aurobindo Ashram, a spiritual sangha. However Auroville exceeds the sangha’s dimensions, conceived to be a town of 50,000 inhabitants, Auroville is meant to be the incubator of the ideal society, the new sathyayuga or golden age that a spiritualized humanity alone can make true. It is that determines the realization of Auroville, the spiritual awakening, or its failure.
Human unity does not say human beings who come from abroad. It also must have taken into account the human beings living where Auroville is set up, for centuries. Even the caste divide is yet to be bridged and unity within villages had be blossom. Nearby every village there exists a ‘colony’ where the so-called untouchables live. Who made them untouchables, the noble minds that thought of human unity, must have applied their mind, to erase that evil where a city of human unity is built up. It is irony of fate that instead of addressing the disease in the society where the city is set up, a utopian dream to bring foreign settlers or seekers had been made the agenda...
Every religion or teacher who preach spirituality does them at their own devotees moneys, not at state expense. A government had to be neutral; it cannot work for one teacher’s dream and create a state or city. It can name cities, erect statues, create universities naming the spiritual masters but cannot ignore Sikh gurus, Buddhists, Hindus, or Muslim saints and go after spending crores to realize the unrealizable goal of a French woman.
The dream is further explained: Behind the simplest messages, those quoted over and again is the same truth, the truth consciousness or super mind, the gnosis. As any adept immediately recognizes the guidelines given by the Mother, in their crystalline purity, are those of a spiritual society.
The Constitution of India aims at a secular and democratic society, not a spiritual society. Such spiritual societies may be the goal of individual religions, sects, creeds or groupings, and it is for them to strive for it, without evacuating indigenous people from their traditional soil. The birth place of Aurobindo or the birthplace of Meera Alfassa could be ideal locations for setting up such a city, as in the case of other heads of religion. Quit Tamil soil!
“A spiritual being has no material needs, he will sleep on the floor and live in few square meters, and the treasure is within, a jewel that no outer reaches can buy. Did not Mother say that the first necessity is inner discovery, and that ideally should have happened before coming to Auroville? Then everything would make sense, even the 42,000 people packed in a residential zone. The smaller surface they occupy, the closer to Matrimandir could they live"
According to the Mother of Aurobindo Ashram, the spiritually realized person should have no material needs. Has it happened within Aurobindo Ashram? Is the Managing Trustee Manoj Das Gupta sleeping in the floor and lives in a small room. He lives in a palace like bungalow, when the head of her ashram itself cannot sleep in floor and forgo material needs, how can Mother dream that westerners imported from abroad are spiritually awakened species or will help her dream city come up treading her path of simple living. If these 1619 residents have to live near Matrimandir, a residential complex with 1619 flats is enough, they need not even live in few square meters, and the French lady wanted them to live. There are no 50000 people even after 5 decades.
Let Government of India restrict the population with the figures so far grown voluntarily. Governments need not give concessions as in the case of Special Economic Zones. This is a special spiritual zone where our people are not qualified, or though qualified not admitted by the vested interests that had intruded the Auroville. Out of 1619 only 472 are Indians and this shows that by refusing resident status to most Indians foreign vested interests want to keep their numerical advantage within the so-called resident assembly.
“It is within this context that the Mother’s guidelines unveil their true dimension, the building of a new society through its group soul. Where there are no taxes and no Police, where the money circulation, private property and servitude [where servants of hired labour] have no place.”
NO TAXES, NO POLICE, NO MONEY: Can anyone say whether this had been realized anywhere in the world? Is it not foolishness for a sovereign Indian government to financially back a project, wherefrom it has no revenue by way of taxes? The no police slogan is only to create their Auroville Security system, which can conceal all crimes, till date the no police slogan had only frightened our police from exercising its duty.
There should be no money all voluntary work within Auroville. Does it mean apart from the Government officials who man the Auroville Foundation, others are doing voluntary service? For example is the Honorable Chairman of Auroville Foundation foregoing his honorarium if any or traveling expenses? Are all members of the Governing board not claiming single paise and doing their duties voluntarily? As heads of a moneyless economy they should eschew interest in money. As their Mother dreamt they should sleep in the floor not own property at least within Auroville?
Ram Manohar Lohia, a socialist leader received one rupee as token salary for being a member of parliament. Why cannot Dr. Karan Singh accept only one rupee or due to inflation Rs 100 as honorarium and come in Second class compartment as Mahatma Gandhi traveled, and eschew money to create a moneyless spiritual society here in Auroville. A leader is one who leads following what he preaches. It is necessary at least Governing Board or Trustees practice what their Mother preached.
George Fernandes washes his clothes for many years and we hope that from now onwards since we have pointed out all inmates of ashram or residents of auroville will end servitude or servants or hired labour. Then only they are ripe for the spiritual society here, otherwise they should accept they are running only Business Empire and not spiritual empire. Whole world knows that in order to avoid paying minimum wages if they employ Tamils Ashram is importing poor people from Orissa and keeps them as bonded labour.
The President of Sri Aurobindo Ashram Inmates Association Mr. Kamal Dora wrote to then Indian Home Minster Comrade Indrajit Gupta on the bonded labour status of Oriya people. An enquiry was ordered by the Home Minister, which was buried by the local police, thanks to the clout of spiritual empire...
N. Nandhivarman General Secretary Dravida Peravai
Dravida Peravai manifesto aims at single global currency to put an end to economics of speculation, which itself a difficult aim to realise, then to dream of moneyless economy is only to revert back to barter system, nothing else. Category:
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The question of Trusts within trusts that started with Ashram and crept into Auroville needs further probe and study. For reference we intend to quote judgments in favour of Income Tax department and those that went against them, in order to deeply ponder the issue. We reproduce a judgment here, to begin with. In days when Transparency International fights for openness in judicial conduct, it is not unethical to call for transparency in the conduct of Aurobindo Ashram Trust or Auroville Foundation... Category: Politics Permalink

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