Thursday, July 31, 2008

We require Mr. Carel Theime and company here only to find the passage to next species or the new mode of life in matter Thursday 31 July, 2008 Write to Nandhi Varman Forward this link AUROVILLE : A FAILURE

Dutchman Carel Theime gets angry if I refer Mirra Alfassa as Frenchwoman...I am a Tamil, Indian Tamil, and she is a French, French being her mother tongue. After all she spoke only in her mother tongue to Satprem, who recorded it for 22 years. I wonder why Mr. Carel Theime gets angry when I say her or BBC describes her as Frenchwoman.

It becomes evident from Satprem’s words that she “uncovered the great passage to the next species and a new mode of life in matter”. Mr. Carel Theime is in India to finish her unfinished agenda. Then Indian people expect that the so many trusts Mr. Carel Theime and his friends from overseas have created should have some connectivity to the purpose of tracing the next species and new mode of life. It is not so.

Aforestation, environment, solar energy, natural farming etc for which these trusts have mushroomed here can be undertaken by Indians. These are global issues and in every country non-governmental organizations are working on these themes. We require Mr. Carel Theime and company here only to find the passage to next species or the new mode of life in matter. Indians know for centuries to build temples, and all goddesses in India, are due to Indians being matriarchal society. Hence to build a Matrimandir, we don’t need foreign expertise.

We need these foreign species here to find out the passage to next species. If for that purpose they are here, we can welcome. But to teach Indians agricultural farming, which Indians knew for centuries before west knew, if these foreign species create non-governmental organizations here, we don’t need them. We say to them Go Back! ...

You would have read our demand for bringing all sub trusts under Auroville Foundation as one entity, one department under the Indian Government controlled Auroville Foundation. The reason why we made such a demand stands proven from the words of the Mother of Aurovillians and Ashramites. The creation of Trust after Trust is a disease which started in Aurobindo Ashram Trust and spread to Auroville Foundation. The motive behind so many trusts is tax evasion...

The Key to Death could not save Mirra Alfasa. This is truth. And if at all those who believe in her had faith in what she spoke or wrote, they must have carried forward from where she left. They would have undertaken scientific research to prove her theory or to realize her dream. Neither the business trusts of ashram nor the eyewash trusts of Auroville Foundation are pursuing the goals of their prophets. If Mr. Carel Theime finds our criticism on failed prophets to be harsh, he must vow to do research and find the key to death or guide the humanity to the next evolutionary cycle.

We don’t question anybody's faith. Let them believe that key to death could be found. If it is faith, let them have their faith. The followers of Jesus Christ till day even after 2000 years believe resurrection will take place. Like that for 2000 years let these people search the key to death. But till the prophecy stands scientifically proven, rationalists have the liberty and freedom of ex-pression to call the failed prophets a failure.
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