Friday, June 13, 2008

We want removal of Trustees of Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Matrimandir handed over to it

DRAVIDA PERAVAI The Voice of Global Tamils IN TAMIL SOIL NO NEO-COLONY June 13, 2008 Filed under: Uncategorized — nandhivarman @ 12:00 am AMEND AUROVILLE FOUNDATION ACT

We have seen many temples vested with Archeological Department of India had not been maintained properly. Usually a Government organization should function effectively and that is the order of the day in all countries except in India. That is Indian people had lost faith in Indian bureaucracy.

Similarly the dream project Auroville taken over from the hands of a Society had failed miserably in the matter of accountability. The mismanagement by Sri Aurobindo Society only led to the take over of the Auroville project by an Act of Indian Parliament called as The Auroville Foundation Act 1988. The same circumstances with regard to mismanagement prevail now, as would be known from the highlights of the Internal Audit Report of Institute of Public Auditors of India, Chennai chapter.

Hence we urge the Ministry of Human Resources Development of Government of India to constitute a joint enquiry by a team comprising Comptroller and Auditor General of India, Central Bureau of Investigations and Enforcement Directorate. Based on the findings of such a team A Joint Parliamentary Committee should be constituted to bring in suitable amendments in The Auroville Foundation Act 1988.

We feel Matrimandir must be handed over to Aurobindo Ashram, and as devotees they can manage their Mother’s Temple with dedication. This demand by Dravida Peravai which is fighting for the removal of the Aurobindo Ashram Trustees might surprise everyone. We want removal of Trustees, but most of the Ashramites are real devotees unlike the foreigners who use the mask of a Government Foundation to further their vested interests. The International Town which remains hidden amidst villages undeveloped to international standards must be made a Town where Tamils are in majority.

Like Dr.Karan Singh’s Kashmir we are not saying other state people or other country people should not buy property here or live here. In Tamil soil making Tamils as beggars and bonded labourers foreigners should not establish a neo-colony, we are vigilant in this, and no Indian citizen will find fault with our approach...

Hence for public good, to generate awareness, and to draw the attention of the Government, in the absence of transparency in a Government organization answerable to Indian Parliament, we are reproducing the highlights of the Internal Audit, and it cannot be stated to be a secret, nor should it be kept in cold storage. For years same official remains Finance Officer defying the customary transfer in Government department to keep the administration clean, and a probe into Auroville functioning is necessary including transfer of officials who had remained for decades, working for their self Interest.

N. Nandhivarman, General Secretary Dravida Peravai
39 Montorsier Street, Puducherry 605001.

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