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One third of the Auroville population comes from the local villages. We hold important positions in Auroville

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A. Sivaraj June 23 rd 2008 Dear BBC,

I am a Tamil person who was born in the village of Kottakarai next to Auroville. Auroville took me in when I was only 7 or 8 years old, along with about 25 other young boys and girls from broken families in the villages. We were never misused -- on the contrary, we were given food, education, love and care. We learned to follow the culture of Auroville, meaning that all life is yoga, that it is possible to develop both in the outward life but more importantly in the inner, true life.

Of those 25 children, most of them have joined Auroville and hold good positions in Auroville. For example, I am the head of a Siddha medicine healing forest and clinic. Another has become a professional Bharat Nathyam dancer and teacher. Another heads up a landscaping unit. Others are farmer, carpenter, candle maker, artificial inseminator, bamboo caretaker, petty shop proprieter, etc. These were defenseless children, but there was never any misuse or even rumour of abuse during all the time.

I would also like to point out that one third of the Auroville population comes from the local villages. We hold important positions in Auroville: head of the Auroville Fund, for example; members of the Working Committee, head of Electrical Service and of Land Service, and the directors of many production and service units.

I was so shocked that the respected and influential BBC, which is one of the trusted media in the world, could produce this film which is not correctly or properly researched, and shake the reputation of Auroville. Your film is based on the testimony of handful of people who are prejudiced against Auroville, but you have not taken into account all the sincere Aurovilians, like me, who feel hurt by this misrepresentation of my home, our ideals, and our commitments. You should take action to rectify this hurt which you have done.
A. Sivaraj
Executive, Martuvam Healing Forest, Auroville Village Action Trust
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