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Experimental communities like Auroville are most essential for the world at this crucial moment

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Shankar May 27 th 2008
Principal, New Creation Bilingual School, Auroville, 605 101, India

Dear BBC,
As a long-term Tamil Aurovilian, and being the Principal of New Creation Bilingual School, I was shattered to pieces when I saw what you have aired about Auroville and New Creation Bilingual School. I am one of the Tamil locals who was born in Kuilapalayam Village (which was mentioned in the show) and grew up as a villager till I was 28 and joined Auroville. Afterwards I started realising why experimental communities like Auroville are most essential for the world at this crucial moment.

Our school is supported by the Auroville community, the Govt. of India and by others from all over the world. Imagine how exited I was when I heard about BBC coming to our school and filming our children. In fact, I was the only one whom your reporter Rachel Wright interviewed at school (for more than 10 minutes and it was not shown in the clip) and she also filmed some of our children. I thought Rachel Wright was an angel who came to help our more than 200 poor children from my village. But what I saw in the TV was not something like my thought but more like We Tamil teachers working at NCBS have been raping our own uncle's, brother's and aunt's children every day. You people may not know the culture of South India, but I, as a Tamil who has been working with some very dedicated, old-time western Aurovilians for the upliftment of my poor village children, my high ideas about Ms Wright and BBC were brutally slashed into pieces.

What we Tamils have been thinking about BBC has become a nightmare. I cannot understand the way you accept your reporter Rachel Wright. In Indian schools we learn a song "BBC is the media" (if you are interested, I can translate this Tamil children song about the glory of the BBC for you), but now I find myself thinking about forms of falsehood.

Please come to the screen and say “ We BBC apologise for the video clip we showed about NEW CREATION BILINGUAL SCHOOL and AUROVILLE”. Or be happy about this assassination that your reporter did to my village children and keep talking about Children Development in your TV.
In deep and great sadness,
Shankar, Principal, New Creation Bilingual School.
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