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Excellent work in ecology, reforestation and social services to the Tamil Villages surrounding Auroville

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Comment to BBC Newsnight Feedback

I am currently serving as the Chair of Auroville International, an NGO dedicated to high ideals of the international community dedicated to Human Unity in South India . I first visited Auroville in 1974. As a young man my first job in New York was working with the children of the international community from the UN, foreign service, visiting doctors, etc. I later taught pre-school and trained teachers and in the early '80's co-founded a school in upstate New York .

With much of my life dedicated to progressive child-centered education and to supporting the excellent work Auroville has done in ecology, reforestation and social services to the Tamil Villages surrounding Auroville, to find the BBC presenting a slanderous portrayal of an Auroville school is deeply offensive.

To broadcast these lies on the television, radio and internet without any comment or defense from the school, the school headmaster being a local Tamil, shows an appalling lack of fairness or integrity on the part of the BBC reporter. She damages the very children she is purportedly defending as many of them come from desperate home situations to a school which relies on international support.

The BBC has been used by a malcontent, Mr. Batra, who was asked to leave Auroville, to get revenge by sullying Auroville's name. You have done an excellent job. A pity it has nothing to do with journalism, investigative reporting, your mission or the truth. Sincerely, Julian Lines, Chair Auroville International
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Tixon 29 May 2008-06-25

I'm a local young village man living in New Creation community for the past 15 years.
I had my primary education at New Creation Bilingual School for which I'm very proud. After s eeing your biased broadcast on New Creation Bilingual School and Auroville in general, I'm deeply distressed and disheartened and it made me wonder how a well reputed news co-operation could do such an inaccurate report.

The untrue allegations made by your reporter against New Creation Bilingual School has intensely dented the image of the school and has wounded the souls who are giving their energies to develop the school in all ways for the local village children. I would therefore kindly request your esteemed organisation to do a meticulous report once again, taking on a wider variety of members of the community with good energies. yours sincerely,
Tixon, Auroville
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