Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The BBC NewsNight clearly mentioned the paltry pittance paid to workers in Auroville

The BBC News Night of May 21st of 2008 among other things clearly mentioned the paltry pittance paid to workers in Auroville, thereby indicating even after 8 years of the survey the pathetic condition of Tamil workers in Auroville remains same.

Multinationals have come and if you compare the salaries with those under the management of the foreigner controlled Trusts and units within Auroville; you can evaluate the difference between both. Auroville, though its nomenclature remains as international city, remains a feudal village. The kind of infrastructure development near Industrial Parks or Special Economic Zones and the sleepy villages connected with dusty roads in Auroville needs comparative study to tell the world about the exploitation of Tamil workers in Auroville. The labour disputes pending before conciliation officers in Villupuram District for years, with arrogant white-men refusing to attend whenever called proves the inefficiency of Tamilnadu Government in protecting the interests of Tamil labourers. No where in India wages will be fixed by age wise except in Auroville, where these people claim they are creating an ideal society, and reaching the next stage of evolution by becoming Supermen with Super mind, but in reality they slide backwards in evolutionary ladder.

N. Nandhivarman General Secretary Dravida Peravai
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