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Sri Aurobindo has not gone deep into the kind of transformation the body is going to make

Re: Goodbye To All That: Nature and the Future Body in Sri Aurobindo rakesh Sat 26 Apr 2008 10:27 PM PDT Science, Culture and Integral Yoga

"Has our immersion in ubiquitous technological environments that discipline our bodies at exponential speeds already defined a discontinuity in our future physiology? Will this discontinuity render our bodies of the future unrecognizable when viewed from a perspective of biological evolution, as Sri Aurobindo describes it: our already developed evolutionary form? Or is such a perspective, while it may have been appropriate at the time it was conceived, in light of the evolution of culture over the past century something which we now must consider naive and to which we must say “goodbye to all that”?"

It is important to consider in these meditations about the kind of future body the Supermind or the Real Idea has in store for us. Is it the body that we with our limited mind conceive it to be. All we want is a body that can do the same work we do at a faster pace and live longer just like what we would expect an ideal machine to achieve, a 100% efficiency. Humanity does not have a mind to understand about the future body since the mind we use is incapable of understanding the real intention of nature for the future. So the most important thing before addressing the evolution of the body is the evolution of the mind. Unless humanity develops a higher mind than a penetrative material mind that it possess at this time it will only probe and manupilate the grosser or molecular parts of the body. It will not be able to deal with the subtle forces of nature that work behind the grosser sheath of the physical body. Even if humanity is able to achieve a body that can live longer the question we need to ask is will our social problems dissapear with a improved performance of a physcial body.

I doubt it becuase the problem is the ego and unhappiness in the society and it is a problem that is basically more psychological than physcial. So it would be worth thinking about how to evolve a higher mind that is peaceful and can give happiness to an individual so that he is in harmony with the society. This higher mind should be peaceful inherently. But we want a mind that can do calculations faster than a computer. This is where we are making a mistake even in dealing the physcial body. The evolution we conceive with our limited mind is not the same that a higher supermind would want us to be. We have to experiece the supermind first by the help of yoga and then only can we rightly concieve of the future body. That is also the reason why we have not been able discover cure of many diseases because we are not in a position of understand them. More intuitive sciences like ayurveda has easy explanation for many of the psychological diseases the present age suffers from but this knowledge though already available in some cultures is not available for the mass of the people of this world. Sri Aurobindo has not gone deep into the kind of transformation the body is going to make in the coming centuries since he has left that to the supermind to decide.

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